Disclaimer: I didn’t vote for Binay. I don’t think she has the qualities of a senator. She has no credentials, she has no track records. She may be a good woman but she’ll be an ineffectual senator. But despite of these, I never said and will never say anything bad about her.

There’s been some bashing and resentment for Nancy Binay on several fronts. While I can understand both sides, it seems that the side that wants to bash her is starting to get ugly, if not hateful. And as a young man, I just can’t sit down and wait for the worst.

People were surprised of Nancy Binay on the Top 12 and I also am surprised of their reactions.

  • When you see someone as not qualified according to your preference and mock her endlessly, insult herpick her of her complexion,and make her trend on Twitter with #IpasokSiDickSaBungangaNiNancyBinay, #NancyBinayIsntWhite or #LordKadiliman, remember: everyone loves an underdog. Mas maraming masa ang nakaka-relate sa mga inaapi like it or not;
  • When you do not like a certain candidate and preferred her/him not to win in the elections, don’t fret if other people voted for them: THIS IS DEMOCRACY and the voice of the majority rules;
  • Well, you should realized it by now that there are more masa voters than middle class ones and unfortunately, some of them went somewhere for vacation so don’t blame the masa, blame no one!

Parang gusto ko na tuloy manalo si Binay so she can get the chance to prove herself and prove her detractors wrong.

Don’t pick on Nancy Binay because of her color. Remember, that’s the colors of Aetas, our ancestors.

  05/13/13 at 09:35pm
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